Advanced Tree Felling Course

Les Allen is a fully qualified Trainer/Assessors of Nationally Accredited Forest harvest and haulage units.

All Nationally Accredited Training is offered by Registered Training Organisation Millettia Solutions Pty Ltd (RTO 45172) with Allen Logging and Training Pty Ltd acting as a co-provider.

Chainsaw operator training (advanced tree felling)

This course provides participants with relevant, comprehensive and accredited training in order to equip those participating with the skills and knowledge to safely carry out advanced manual tree falling operations and in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety legislative requirements and standards.

Topics covered in this course will include: Training includes compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, standards, codes of practice and established safe practices and procedures relating to advanced manual tree felling operations.

Directional tree felling techniques are applied, relevant authority to fall, environmental considerations, the principal order of cuts involved for felling a tree which will include the use of multiple back cuts and/or boring techniques, assessment of site and tree/s to be felled, developing a felling plan, preparation of area for tree felling AND fall a tree/s under supervision.

Trees for falling will have the following characteristics: trees selected for falling include those of any size and condition that are determined can be safely fallen and may include heavily leaning trees, double leader trees, trees up to 2 times bar length in diameter, trees in awkward places, trees with rot, dead, hollow or burned out trees.

Conditions: falling will be undertaken in all conditions for which it safe including slopes up to the maximum allowed by relevant regulations.

FWPFGM3217 – Fall trees manually (advanced)


  • Prepare and maintain falling equipment
  • Assess conditions and surroundings
  • Assess tree and plan falling
  • Fall tree to plan

Units:…FWPFGM3217 – Fall trees manually (advanced)
Duration: … 4 days
Prerequisites: … This course is usually only a requirement for tree professionals. It is expected that prospective students will be proficient using chainsaws in a wide range of environments, and already have considerable experience at the basic/intermediate level in tree felling.

Qualification:… Statement of Attainment
Outcomes: …On completion of this course, participant will be able to assess, plan and safely carry out advanced manual tree felling operations using a chainsaw.
Notes:… All training aids including chainsaws and safety equipment are provided for use as required. Participants are required to wear/bring their own steel capped boots.

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