Chainsaw Courses

Our chainsaw courses include all aspects of the safe operation of chainsaws:

  • Comprehensive coverage of legislative requirements, organization safety policies and environmental issues.
  • Basic equipment requirements such as support tools and personal protective equipment
  • Hazards and safety protocols
  • Basic operator maintenance.

Our chainsaw training courses cover the operation of chainsaws in a highly variable context, with a maximum hands-on time using the equipment under the watchful eye of our instructors including:

  • Basic cross cutting on the ground – including safe cutting procedures demonstrated for a variety of work situations encountered. Minimum damage to equipment and risk to the operator is reinforced here again in a practical context.
  • Tree felling courses emphasize foremost the personal safety aspect of tree felling operations, and give clear definitions on accuracy requirements and the type of cut required. Maintaining good control in a variety of felling situations must be demonstrated in order to reach competency.

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